How to change my windows domain password from macOS?

A lot of corporate environments work with Active Directory credentials, and they have security rules for them, like renew password every 3 months or others.

So it’s good to know how to change a password without using a Windows computer, especially if you are a macOS user.

There will be many ways to change this password, I will show you my favorite: using smbpasswd command from terminal.

I know, smbpasswd is not available from default, and also is not available using brew, however we have another option: macports

  • Go to macports website: and install it.
  • Then you can user port command:
$ port install samba3
  • Now you can use smbpasswd like this:
$ smbpasswd -U username -r DOMAIN_CONTROLLER_IP
  • Or you can ask for help to the command
$ smbpasswd -h

Enjoy your new smbpasswd command 😉